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I finally finished 30_kisses for Akane and Subaru (Hot Gimmick)!!!!

30 Kisses Update Table

Pairing: Akane Narita and Subaru Yagi

Fandom: Hot Gimmick

Number Theme Title Link
1 Look Over Here I'm All Yours Link here
2 News; Letter An Invitation Link here
3 Jolt To Never Wake Up, Never Say Goodbye Link here
4 Our Distance and That Person Runaway Link here
5 "Ano sa..." Damn the Plumbing (Part One of Two) Link here
6 The Space Between Dream and Reality He Hadn't Meant It Link here
7 Superstar Celebrity Link here
8 Our Own World An Alternative Link here
9 Dash They Left Her Alone Link here
10 #10 Lucky Bears Link here
11 Gardenia Fragile Link here
12 In a Good Mood Tsumasaki Link here
13 Excessive Chain Damn the Plumbing (Part Two of Two) Link here
14 Radio-Cassette Player The Little Things Link here
15 Perfect Blue Watching Link here
16 Invincible; Unrivaled Such A Dweeb Link here
17 kHz (Kilohertz) I Didn't Get You Anything Link here
18 "Say Ahh..." Tipsy Link here
19 Red When She Whispers Link here
20 The Road Home Awkward Link here
21 Violence; Pillage/Plunder; Extortion His Darker Side Link here
22 Cradle Afraid To Be Expecting Link here
23 Candy Treat Link here
24 Good Night He Remembered to Say "Good Night" Link here
25 Fence Blame the Fence Link here
26 If Only I Could Make You Mine You Aren't His, Right? Link here
27 Overflow Mistakes We Knew We Were Making Link here
28 Wada Calcium CD3 Just A Hint Link here
29 The Sound of Waves Virtual Reality Link here
30 Kiss The Caliber of Kisses Link here



Nov. 17th, 2007 03:48 am (UTC)
Congratulations on completing all 30!

Thanks for the reads.